Welcome to Resources! Here you will find links to some other blogs, directories and other media related to adult ballet. All links shared with permission.

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The Ballet Blog

Rich resources especially for dancer health, proper pointe technique, and stretching. Paid and Free resources.


Tons of resources for teachers and students! offers online classes. An extensive directory of studios that offer adult ballet classes, and some great products.

Adult Ballet Hub

A blog dedicated to all things adult ballet. Inspiring stories and motivation!

Ballet for Adults

A niche blog for adult ballet dancers with tons of resources, great shopping, a podcast, and many other features.

Adult Ballet Collective

An adult ballet website that is a place for adult dancers to connect and learn. They curated content that is relevant to the community including tutorials, advice, and blog posts. I am honored to be one of their new guest bloggers! They also have super cute ballet merchandise that you will want to scoop up!


This is the virtual space where you can find my friend, teacher and dance partner, David Coleman. He is a professional dancer and teacher in the Alabama/Georgia area who specializes in pas de deux, adult ballet and for dancers. He teaches adult classes in Auburn, Alabama, and performs with a variety of companies. He also conducts pas de deux workshops in many locations around the globe.


This blog is the journey of Patricia, another exceptional adult ballerina located in Canada. Like me, Patricia went all in on the adult ballet life, making ballet a priority and finding creative ways to make it more than a hobby, but a career. From street performances to online courses, you can learn and share in her journey here!

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