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What I Do Before Ballet Class

Hello dancers!

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So, I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of a problem suddenly switching from task to task successfully. If I do it too quickly, I find myself distracted and not fully there.

For more important tasks, like work, study, making videos, or ballet class, I need to give myself some time to adjust to the next block of doing these important activities.

So, before ballet class, this is what I do…

I always take either a shower or a hot bath, I know its sort off pointless because I am going to sweat and I am going to have to shower after anyway, but it helps my muscles relax and warm up, especially in the winter. There is also a sense of it being like a cleansing ritual before entering the sacred studio space. At least, that’s how it feels to me.

I try to arrive to the studio about 30 minutes early so I can grab my favorite barre spot, make sure to turn off my devices, and have plenty of time to stretch and warm up. I also usually wear some warm-ups and then take them off once class starts. I usually do some Terraband exercises for my feet to get them ready, and when I don’t get the time to do this, I notice a big difference on how I can point and control my feet articulation.

Then I do some light stretches, you do not want to stretch too deeply before class, but a light limbering up will definitely make class better. A few conditioning exercises like sit ups, leg extensions, releves, and even a few small jumps are in order if I have time, and even practice some turns, just so I can go over in my head all the stuff that is important, like spotting, bracing the core, turn out, and where and how to push up and control the stop.

I find that if I get a chance to do this for a few minutes on my own, then I am more mentally ready and do better once class starts.

If we are starting the class on pointe, I make sure to get my shoes on before class, get some rosin, and warm up my feet in them. The teacher usually does a pointe warm up when class starts but being older, I need a little more to get where I need to be in terms of being fully warmed up and ready to go in my pointe shoes.

I also of course take some time to chat with everyone else and see what they are up to! This is another great reason to get to the studio early. During ballet class you don’t have a lot of chances to chat up your classmates so you only really socialize before and after class, and I really enjoy catching up with everyone; the other adult dancers, the teachers and the younger dancers.

After class, I have a little routine too; I go home, eat, and have a glass of wine, do some prep for the next day and minor clean up, and relax for a bit with husband and the kids, then is usually a bath with Epsom salts and bed. Sometimes, I get an extra stretch session before bed, but not too often.

If I get any corrections I need to write down, I make sure to do it before bed, so I don’t forget.

Before I fall asleep, I try to go over in my mind anything new that I learned, and I visualize myself doing it perfectly! That helps a lot actually! But that is the subject for another post!!!!!

Well, my lovelies i hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful.

Do you have a routine before or after ballet class? Please share!

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