In this section, you will see my recommended readings. I believe is appropriate to start with the book in which I wrote

a chapter! This quick read book is a summary of the various

aspects of happiness. My chapter focuses on happiness through

connection with the body, which ballet provides!

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   Cantique, by Joanna Marsh

  This is a really fun and relatable read for all adult ballet dancers! I could not put it down! I laughed at all the funny situations Joanna describes, the stuff going on in the heroine's mind, and I cried during her difficult moments! Is a story about love, faith, and ballet. It is especially meaningful for adult dancers since it describes a lot of the struggles we go through and presents a beautiful point of view about how the randomness of life sometimes leads to the best outcome, as long as we stay true to ourselves! Dont miss it!!!

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   Celestial Bodies, by Laura Jacobs

A great read (that is also available as an audiobook on Audible.com) that teaches you how to really look at ballet, how to appreciate every aspect; technique, musicality, turns, jumps, flexibility, and more. It is a deep dive into the aesthetics of ballet, and definitely something all adult dancers can benefit from!

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   Apollo's Angels, by Jennifer Homans

An extremelly touhrough, insightful history of ballet for those that whant to know exactly how this artform came to be. There are extensive highlights on all the great ballerinas and what made them stand out.  This is also available on Audible.com in the form of an audiobook.

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   Dance Psychology, by Peter Lovatt

  This book is a bridge between the academic study of the psychology of dance and practical implementation of the findings of many studies. Dr. Lovatt is a dancer turned scholar who runs a research lab dedicated to finding out how dance affects pretty much every aspect of life.

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   The Ballet Companion, by Eliza Gaynor Minden.

This is an excellent resource for all dancers. It is basically a textbook that gives you all the basics about ballet class, some history, advice for all types of dancers, and tips on health and nutrition. It is beautifully illustrated.


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   Raising the Barre, by Lauren Kessler

This book almost reads like a novel but is the true story of the author, an investigative reporter, and her quest to dance The Nutcracker with a professional ballet company in her middle age. It is a story about reconnecting to joy, being bold and truly yourself, and exploring uncharted territory. I loved it and found a lot to the experiences Lauren had very relatable.