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Blending in Studio and Online Learning!

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    I offer private or small group private lessons in Columbus GA, the gorgeous Plug and Play Namaste studio. If interested contact me at for a consultation. I also offer a downloadable online course via the Teachable platform, which you can find below. This course is perfect for the beginner adult.



Downloadable Digital Course

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What Students are Saying

Lauren D.


" I have had a blast working with Natasha! I was so nervous to try a ballet class since that's not a natural skill for me, but she made me feel immediately at ease and there was absolutely zero intimidation. I'm still not destined for the stage lights, but I love the classes and it's a welcome addition to my current workouts".




    " Natasha knows how to encourage and motivate each member to work hard. She keeps classes interesting and challenging by creating new routines constantly and strikes a great balance of knowledgeable and fun".


Anne Marie Z.


 "I like the fact there are many options for classes, which works so well with my crazy schedule. I also enjoy that each class is different, yet you work every muscle.  After just a few weeks I can tell a difference in my strength and my clothes. I highly recommend Transcend Normal no matter your age, endurance level or if you are like me and sit at a desk and haven't seen the inside of a dance studio in years".