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A Space for Adult Ballet Dancers

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 I am Natasha Connell, I studied ballet under Lidija and Gustavo Franklin at Escuela Ballet-Arte in Caracas, Venezuela, as well as with Julio Lamas And Graciela Diaz. More recently, I trained as an adult with Linda Kinlaw, Randall Marks, and Heidi Winton-Stahle, among others. I have been teaching ballet to adults for about 3 years. I came back to ballet about in 2013. I was going through some tough times and felt depression creeping in. At the time, I was an active duty service member in the US Army. I  began a journey of personal growth, and one piece of advice kept constant across many teachings; find something that brings you joy, and practice it for that reason. I remembered how doing ballet when I was younger made me happy. Suddenly I yearned to feel that way again. I was terrified of going to a class, but I made myself go. All my fears soon fell away, as I discovered a friendly and encouraging community. To my surprise, my body remembered, and I advanced pretty fast. Soon after, I met my now-husband, Chris Connell, my unicorn soul mate. I left the army in 2014 and began graduate school. I also opened a fitness studio where I first did personal training, and later added other group modalities, beginner adult ballet being one of them. Due to my husband being still in the Army, we had to relocate, and I had to close the studio. I continued to teach ballet and fitness classes at our new city, Columbus Georgia, but spreading my time between different class modalities left me tired and unsatisfied, so I decided to concentrate all my efforts on ballet and teaching adults because they can reap life-changing benefits from the practice. I now run the adult ballet program at Company C Academy of Dance, and I hope to share all things adult-ballet related with the community via this site, and the rest of my social media platforms. I hope my content can serve you in your own journey. As of August 2019, I am proud to be part of the faculty at Columbus State University, where I will share my love for dance with the new generations of scholar-practitioners. Feel free to ask any questions!





Improves Memory

Discipline and Grace

Burn Calories



“Caution not spirit, let it roam wild; for in that natural state dance embraces divine frequency.” 
― Shah Asad Rizvi


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